Changes to Animal Communications/Healing and Bach Flower Essences


Attention: Clients of “For The Love of Animals” (Diane Weinmann)

To become in line with other animal communicator’s practices, I am changing how I perform my sessions and structure my fee schedule for Animal Communications, Distance Healing and Bach Flower Essences


Starting July 1, 2020 – All client communication/healing will be charged using the fee schedule below:


Animal Communications– performed 1 session of up to 5 questions, additional questions charged at $10 per question

With Email to Client on pet’s responses- $50

With Email on pet’s responses plus phone call to Client – $75

Distance Healing- performed 1 session

Energetic Assessment = free

Healing Touch for Animals Distance healing session with email to Client – $50

Healing Touch for Animals Distance healing session with email and phone call to Client -$75

Custom Bach Flower Essence – $30 includes shipping

Let’s talk Animal Communications!! Come out to meet me and hear all about how to talk with your pets!





AUGUST 14, 2019


Strongsville Library

18700 Westwood Drive

Strongsville, Ohio 44136-3495

440-238-5530 Directly behind the police station.

Please register on the library website

 or call the Strongsville branch to register 440-238-5530 .


Memberships for the Friends of the Strongsville Library

  Available at the door (or in advance at the library front desk)

$8 for a Family Membership.

Ask about our Business Sponsor Membership $25

Join the Strongsville Friends of the Library for our author event/annual meeting. A short meeting begins this wonderful event featuring Diane Weinmann. Books will be available for purchase and autographing as well as tasty treats while we all enjoy our author’s presentation.

Diane Weinmann has been involved with animals all her life.  She is an Animal Communicator, Healing Touch for Animal’s practitioner and Reiki Master.  Diane uses interspecies telepathic communication to help our companion animals have a “voice”.  Hearing their cries for help, she was drawn to provide comfort in the form of energy healing (Reiki, TTouch, Healing Touch for Animals).  She also uses sound and vibrational healing (tuning  forks) and color techniques in her healing practice. Diane is able to bring balance into your pet’s energy systems.   In addition to animal communication, Diane uses Bach Flower essences and essential oils as a holistic method to facilitate emotional healing or to evoke a change in behavior. Please visit her web site at for more information on her animal communication and healing methods.  Diane is the award winning author of “A Tail of Hope’s Faith” which can be purchased at Balboa Press Bookstore, Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  A Tail of Hope’s Faith won two awards for Best Non Fiction New Age and Best in the Animal/Pet category by the Beverly Hills International Book Awards for 2015. Diane has also written for Animal Wellness and Dog’s Naturally magazines.

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Animal Communication… Let’s Try It!

Nico On the PhoneAnimal communication takes a lot of practice. You must clear your mind and open it to someone else’s thoughts, which is hard work for a busy individual in today’s world.

For a beginner, I would suggest a quiet meditation prior to trying the process. This will relax you and put you into the correct frame of mind to receive information. Try to communicate with   a close friend’s pet when you first begin. Do not try this with your own pet. You know too much about them to put this exercise to the test!

To start the process, sit in a quiet place, clear your mind, look softly at the animal’s picture or envision them in your head (if you know them well, this should be easy). Introduce yourself to the animal, tell them you’d like to ask them a question and see if it is okay that you talk with them. Wait for a response. This introduction is performed out of respect for the animal.

You may “hear” a reply or just get a sense of knowing what the response was. If you receive the go-ahead, ask the animal a question in your head and the first piece of information you receive, either by “hearing”, “knowing”, or “seeing visually in your head” will be your answer. You should experience the response flying into your head very quickly. Sometimes it seems you didn’t even get the entire question out of your mind and you’ve already received an answer – it’s that quick! Once you receive the answer, thank the animal for speaking with you, it’s only common courtesy! Your “thank you for speaking with me” will indicate to the animal that your session is ended and you are disconnecting from them.

Do NOT tell the pet’s owner ahead of time what question you will be asking but be sure that the answer will be easy to obtain from the owner. Write down the response of the pet, thank the pet for speaking to you then call the owner to tell them the question and the answer that you received. Don’t be disappointed if what you heard doesn’t match the owner’s reply. Just keep practicing and believe in yourself!

Listed below are some easy questions to ask your pet friend when you first start communicating:

What is your favorite toy?

What treat do you like the best?

Where do you sleep?

As you practice your animal communication skills, remember to not say anything that is not true or did not come from the animal. Have fun with the process and you will learn a lot. Our animal companions have a sense of humor and will say the funniest things, much like children! Be aware, they may decide to open up to you and tell you some very personal information regarding their home life. Please be sensitive to all individuals involved and only repeat disclosures that will not embarrass your friends or relatives. By the way, some animals may not wish to communicate with you and that is okay. Simply tell them ‘thank you’ maybe they will wish to talk at another time. Be honest if the animal declines to talk and tell your client/friend that their companion did not wish to communicate at this time.

Have fun, practice and be open to what you will hear! Our pets say the darnest things!

What is Animal Communication?

blog 2 picAnimal communication uses telepathy to communicate a thought from one person/animal to another. Messages can be given in symbols (clairvoyance) which I can visually see or in ‘thought form’.   For me, it sounds like you pet is talking to right to me (clairaudience) in my mind. In other words, I actually hear a voice. In listening to your pet, I gain knowledge about their physical and mental health and learn their choices while battling an illness or struggling with behavior problems.

In animal the communication process I am simply the go between for you and your pet. You let me know your questions and I ask your pet to obtain the answers. The pet does not have to be present but I like a photograph of the pet, I connect to the essence by looking into their eyes. Almost 99% of my animal communications are performed at a distance whether it is across a room or across the world. Many times your pets have a request for their owners. Some of the requests I have heard are shown below (this is just a small sample):

  • Change the litter box more often, get a new litter box, change the location of the litter box, put another litter box in the house
  • Change their food, locate where they eat
  • Do not take them to that groomer, do not pull their hair when combing it
  • Complaints regarding other members of the family include other pets
  • Issues with cleaning products used in the house and on floor/carpets
  • Reassurance regarding a death or upcoming passing
  • Changes in their routine or household (placement of furniture, painting, young adults off to college, divorce)

Technically, telepathy is the communication between beings using thoughts, feelings, desires, or other means that cannot be understood in terms of known scientific laws. Telepathy is considered a form of extra-sensory perception and is often connected to various paranormal phenomena such as precognition, clairvoyance and empathy.

Why use Animal Communication
Interspecies telepathic communication is used to help our companion animals to have their voice. Through animal communications we can learn how animals think and look at the world. Once we understand how an animal thinks, agreements can be made on many different types of issues.

Stumbling Blocks
Animal communication must be performed with an open heart to let the information be received accurately. A hindrance in the communication process comes when you must learn to trust that you are receiving information from your animal companion and to recognize when you’ve placed your own spin on the information. Once a dog told me he wanted his bandana back, because he had lost it. He said it was cool. I thought he was telling me that he thought he looked cool in it and told his owner that he wanted a new one because he thought he looked cool. She laughed and said he wanted one because he was a search and rescue dog and it kept him cool because it was a COOLING bandana (the kind you soak in cold water or freeze). That’s what I call putting my own spin on it! As you can see, I ASSUMED he was trying to tell me he looked cool and he was actually telling me it kept him cool!

As you can see, animal communication has many purposes and many rewards. Why not try it today? What would you learn if you’d only listen?