About Animal Communication

Nico On the PhoneYour companion animals are a constant source of joy.  They help you heal physically by lowering blood pressure, reducing stress and related physical problems, while they provide unconditional love and loyalty.

Through interspecies telepathic communication, I can help companion animals to have a “voice”.  I’ve learned how animals think and perceive the world.  Together, we come to an “agreement” on many different types of issues, heal on different levels and promote a closer relationship between you and your friend.  Healing can occur on an emotional, physical or spiritual basis.

My dedication to animals has led me to communicate with them via telepathic means.  As we communicate, I sense they are in need of healing in physical, emotional, or spiritual terms.  Their “cries” for help lead me to study Reiki, Healing Touch for Animals (HTA) and Color Harmonics.

I have worked in the telepathic animal communication field for many years.  I voice concerns for both living and deceased animals that want to be heard.  I have studied Animal Communications under the direction of Dr. Agnes Thomas.



“On Saturday, January 15th, I woke to find our beloved cat, Boo, had passed away in his sleep.   I felt so sad, as when I carried him to bed the night before, he and I did our usual routine.  I gave him his fresh water, checked his litter box, made his bed cozy, covered him lightly and he kissed my nose.   I had no idea that anything was wrong.   Boo had diagnosed with a heart murmur several months earlier and I suspected that by the vets. Information, this is what took our Boo.   I had sent a photo our Boo to Diane and the following day, I got a phone call from Diane giving me the information that Boo had told her.  I felt so much better knowing that he didn’t suffer and he had passed peacefully in his sleep.   He explained to Diane that he felt 2 twitches in his heart and this third twitch is where he couldn’t breathe and he didn’t know what to do.   Diane had no idea that Boo had a problem with his heart and knowing that she could communicate the events that had transpired and his love messages to our family put my mind at great ease.”
-Sue B.

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