Pet Therapies

In Chinese medicine we distinguish between “Heat” and “Summer Heat.” Heat is when the temperature is within bounds; hot but not blistering hot. While Summer Heat is extreme heat that occurs only in summer. Summer Heat is scorching heat, which can lead to Heatstroke.   Heatstroke is dangerous and can be fatal to dogs, horses, cats, humans, and all animals, actually! Watch for high fever, dry tongue, dehydration, respiratory distress, cold sweat, vomiting, loss of consciousness, and shock..

Cooling down is absolutely essential after any level of exertion during the hottest time of the summer.   If you suspect your animal is overheated: spray cool water, run a fan, and get to the veterinarian as fast as possible! On your way to the vet clinic use the acupressure points shown in the charts.   DO NOT use ice or cover the animal with a wet towel or blanket, it will lock the heat into his body and cause organ failure. The body has to release the internal heat.

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