Governing Vessel 4

By Tallgrass Institute


Governing Vessel 4

Pinyin Names – Ming Men, Jingong, Jiajiguan

English Translations – Gate of Life, Gate of Vitality, Place of Essence, Lumbar Pass Note: The Governing Vessel is also known as Du Mai

Some Chinese texts refer to Extraordinary Governing Vessel 4 as the place where the animal’s “spark” of life originated. GV 4 resides between the two Kidneys. It is said that this is where yin and yang combined to create life, hence it as seen as the location of the original yin and yang of the body. This is why GV 4 is considered a powerful acupoint and is commonly used in so many of the healing arts including Tibetan medicine, Hindu tantrism, and even Kabalistic Sefirot (netzach).

Acupoint Classification Governing Vessel 4 is one of the Doorways to the Earth Points. This point affects the pelvic region of the animal’s body and especially the lower two orifices. It impacts the hormonal system and the emotions. In Chinese medicine it is seen as one of the “hinges” of the torso.

Governing Vessel 4 is the meeting acupoint for the Bladder and Kidney Divergent channels. Because it is the connecting point for these two divergent channels, it has strong internal-external impact.

Governing Vessel 4 has no contraindications.

Energetic Actions GV 4 tonifies Kidney yang, clears heat/fire, dispels internal wind, expels cold, dries dampness, benefits essence/Jing, regulates the Governing Vessel, strengthens the back and hind limbs, regulates water passages, replenishes blood, and clears the mind/shen.

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