Essential Oils Help Tumor on Dog’s Toe

This is a plasmacytoma tumor on my patient’s toe (left side picture). The suggested traditional treatment was toe amputation. Prior to surgery, Dr. Karen Beckertumo on toe suggested that pure, high quality lavender oil be applied to the tumor. 5 days later, it looked like this (middle picture). It’s now 50% smaller. And 2 weeks later, the tumor is almost gone (right picture). Toe amputation surgery has been cancelled. 

I’m not implying essential oils will cure every mass, but this is proof that pursuing alternative treatment options is something that should cross your mind prior to more invasive options.  The essential oil used was from Young Living which is a therapy grade oil.


3 thoughts on “Essential Oils Help Tumor on Dog’s Toe

  1. I have a 15 year old cat. She has a very large fatty cyst on her chest. The vet was able to drain some of it but after found there is a large mass inside. doesn’t look good. I would like to try some lavender essential oil on it. I have doterra lavender oil. How do you feel about it?


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