Surprise Offer of Free Animal Communication with Rating of My Book


Do you want to hear what your pet has to say?  Well—you can, for free!

If you give my book 5 stars and post one or two lines about the book “A Tail of Hope’s Faith” by Diane Weinmann on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Balboa Press, I will give you a FREE 5 minute animal communication reading on your deceased pet.

Here is how it works –

  1. Purchase & read my book at Tail of Hope’s Faith at:

Purchase/Bought on Amazon

Purchase/Bought on Balboa Press Bookstore

Purchase/Bought on Barnes and Noble

  1. Go to the appropriate site where you bought my book and complete the rating process giving me 5 stars and write a few lines if you liked the book. If you bought the book directly from me then follow any one of these links to complete the rating of the book. (be honest)
  2. Email me at when your rating for the book is showing on any of the sites listed above (don’t forget to use the name you placed on the rating so I know it’s you—don’t need your full last name on rating just use your initial) and provide me a list of 3 questions and a picture of your pet you’d like me to talk with.   I will email you back with the delightful things that your beloved pet tells me! First come, first served!

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