Amazing Animal Acupressure Points #2 – LI 4

Amazing Animal Acupressure Points #2 – LI 4

Nancy Zidonis – Wednesday, June 29, 2016

By Amy Snow & Nancy Zidonis, Tallgrass Animal Acupresssure Institute


Large Intestine 4 (LI 4) is the second super-power acupoint in the Amazing Acupressure Point series. Like Stomach 36, the first acupoint in this series, LI 4 is the go-to point for so many health issues it’s hard to believe this one acupoint can do it all. Thousands of years of clinical observation says it can!

Acupoint Classifications

Why is it so powerful? Because it’s a dynamic chi mover. LI 4 is the Yuan-Source point for the Large Intestine meridian. As a Yuan-Source point, LI 4 enhances the flow of Original Chi to the Large Intestines and thus supports its immune system capabilities. This point is the Master point (also called “Command point” in some texts) for the face, mouth, nose, jaw, and neck. In other words, LI 4 can and should be used to resolve any issues related to those anatomical locations.

NOTE: Because LI 4 is a powerful chi moving point it’s contraindicated during pregnancy unless there’s a difficult birth or a need to induce labor. LI 4 is known to promote both labor and expel retained placenta.

Energetics & Functions

The energy of LI 4 is upward and outward, hence LI 4 Dispels Wind Cold or Wind Heat, releases pathogens from the body, clears Heat/Fire, strengthens Wei chi, resolves pain anywhere in the body, restores yang chi, while also directly influencing the face, nose, mouth, jaw and neck.


Like any powerful acupoint, the list of what LI 4 can resolve lengthy: headaches, fever, nasal /sinus congestion, facial swelling or pain, eye problems, mouth issues, jaw/teeth pain, neck stiffness or pain, emotional stress, non-sweating issues (anhidrosis), retained placenta, and pain anywhere in the body. Because of its location LI 4 benefits the forelimb. It can soften hard masses and relaxes the soft tissues of the body. Additionally, this point should be added to any acupressure session where the immune system has been compromised in anyway.

Stomach 36 (St 36) and Large intestine 4 are super-power acupoints. Combine these two points in a session and you can almost conquer anything. This is probably why we hear the phrase “When in doubt use St 36 and LI 4” in Traditional Chinese Medicine classrooms.


Equine:   LI 4 is found distal and medial to the head of the medial splint bone.

Feline:     LI 4 is located between the first (dewclaw) and 2nd metacarpal bones on the medial side of the 2nd metacarpal.

Canine:   Same location as Feline above.


LI 4 Feline Canine.jpe


LI4 Equine.jpe