Reviews of “A Tail of Hope’s Faith”

I just finished A Tail of Hopes Faith and am just in aw! What an amazing story about the unconditional love between humans and animals. It is very heartwarming and very well written. Even when Diane goes into details about all of the healing methods…it is easy to read and understand. It is very personable…I felt like I was right there with her and Roseanne and Hope. It’s something you definitely have to go into with an open mind. I’ve heard of Reiki and Holistic Healing, but never gave it a second thought, as I never imagined a story like this, where the techniques definitely affected hope when she was in pain. The communication with Hope was amazing. I would never have thought it possible, but you see the signs both ways that it is happening, as Hope communicates to Diane and visa versa..This is a book I will definitely recommend to my friends and friends at the shelter where I volunteer, Geauga Humane Society’s Rescue Village. Thank you Diane, you are an inspiration for all you do.


I would give more stars but it isn’t possible. This book is very uplifting and just a great read to understand the communicating with animals and how close and dear we hold them to us. It shows not only the love we have for them but enables us to understand the unconditional love, determination and devotion they promise and give to us. Diane writes this book is such clear terms and actually shares some funny comments and sense of her character which I found very helpful and also personable. If you ever wanted to know how communicating with animals works and other techniques this is the book to read using a pup named Hope to help understand the way this all plays together. Not too mention having a great animal lover and communicator like Diane these animals really show us how they can trust someone to relay there most personal and treasured thoughts. I have recommended this book to my sister and she is reading it now and I will continue to recommend it to others that just cherish their pets more than sometimes ourselves:) Great book clearly written many techniques used and described in detail and the resources at the end of the book I found very helpful as well. I once had 6 loving boys, 4 Kitties and 1 rabbit and currently am down to one and he is my world- I miss my boys so much but hold their memories close to me and look to keep enjoying my last boy as long as he will allow me.


Diane pens a warm-hearted, clear-eyed view of the expanded existence of animals, which she proves extends beyond their all-too brief physical lives with us. She uses her deep sensitivity to experience evidence in support of her view, and brings her solid ability to “tell the tale” to the table, to share this experience with us, her readers. I enjoyed this book very much, and will highly recommend it to others who care deeply for animals.

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