A TAIL OF HOPE’S FAITH — Diane’s Novel

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Critter Crystal

Amethyst – Tumors, cancer, arthritis, bone/joint pain, separation anxiety, convulsions, diabetes, blood clots, loneliness, burns, negates aggression, boost production of hormones, cleaner of the blood, releases tension, reduces bruising, treats hearing disorders, treats insomnia, helps disease of respiratory tract, helps grief.  Buy Now Button

Fluorite – helps with infection disorders, heals wounds, alleviates arthritis, bone/joint pain, helps spinal injuries, heals skin, allergies, viral infections, pneumonia Buy Now Button

Quartz Crystal – master healer, simulates immune system, brings body into balance, soothes burns, inflammation, central nervous system healer, cancer, calming, hair issues, diabetes, helps anxiety, helps diarrhea, increases energy, helps heart disease helps kidneys, allergies, bone/joint pain, arthritis
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Rose Quartz – unconditional love strengthens heart ailments, chest and lung issues, helps senility, tumors, alleviates fear, helps skin, eyesight issues, pain, relieves anger, bruises, calming. Buy Now Button

Citrine –energizing, recharging, stimulates digestion and spleen, pancreas, increase blood circulation, detox blood, balance thyroid, helps infection in bladder and kidney, diabetes, helps with fear, anxiety, and constipation Buy Now Button

Green Aventurine – comforter and heart healer, settles nausea, dissolve negative emotions and thoughts, all round good healer, brings in well- being, benefits nervous system, stimulates metabolism, anti-inflammatory, heals lungs, heart and muscular system, helps with show nerves, skin problems, calming, gives energy, helps eyes. Buy Now Button

Carnelian – stimulates metabolism, heals lower back pain, arthritis, increase fertility, helps depression, improves absorption of vitamins, eye problems, cancer, poor appetite, kidney issues, allergies, bone/joint pain, improves will to live, bruises, increase blood circulation /blood poisoning, heart disease, sad & elderly animals Buy Now Button

Blue Lace Agate – brings peace of mind, activate &heal throat chakra, releases shoulder/neck problems, thyroid deficiencies, throat infections, lowers fevers, removes blockages from nervous system, arthritis/bone deformity, strengthening skeletal system, fractures, aids pancreas, eye problems Buy Now Button



Bone Cancer/Liver/Kidney CancerBloodstone, Carnelian, Amethyst, Clear Quartz  Buy Now Button

Kidney/Bladder Cancer – Amber, Citrine, Amethyst, Clear Quartz Buy Now Button

Skin Cancer/Shrink Tumors – Bloodstone, Amber, Amethyst Buy Now Button

Kidney Combo – Renal Failure: Amber/Bloodstone/Carnelian/Hematite  Buy Now Button



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See Contact Page for Diane’s information.   A wide variety of animals are open to communication.   Payment can be submitted via check or Paypal.   Contact Diane to make arrangements.  NOTE: Using Paypal as a payment mechanism requires a minimum of 30 minutes for an animal communication session.