Color Harmonics

Color HarmonicsColor Harmonics are used to promote wellness in you and your pet.  The Lumalight uses color therapy as an energy healing-based modality.  The Lumalight tool is used by holistic energy workers and in home practice as a stand-alone wellness modality or in conjunction with other types of energy healing.  Color therapy has been known to strengthen, cleanse, invigorate, balance and may regulate metabolic processes positively influencing bodily functions and moods.  Lumalight is the perfect alternative for those uncomfortable with needles.  Animals are similar to humans in that they exhibit a meridian system.  Our animal’s meridian system has energy channels for the body, activated by light.  Through direct study, I have discovered the science, theory, and practical application of color light.  Through color harmonics we can harness the nutritional aspects of color as it provides emotional, physical, anti-aging, and spiritual benefits.

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