STS-2 Healing System

The STS-2 healing system is a two part process…

Part 1 –Scannersts2

The scanner provides an examination of an animal’s external body to pinpoint any potential problems. The scanner emits tiny electrical currents – referred to as micro-currents – as it passes over the body. When living tissue is damaged or injured, there is an immediate drop in the electrical impulses that naturally radiate from that location. Because damaged tissue has diminished electrical impulses, the scanner’s microcurrents move with greater the ease through the area; thus alerting the user to problems.

Issues pinpointed by the scanner typically relate to an out of balance condition within the animal’s body. Once problem areas are located, red and Infrared lights are used to stimulate faster and stronger healing of the injured area.   Treatment can also help promote the overall health of the animal.

Part 2 – Lights

Red and infrared lights stimulate the injured area to heal faster and stronger than normal. Scientific studies along with thousands of clinical tests have shown that certain wavelengths of light (red and infrared) pulsed at specific frequencies can dramatically stimulate and accelerate the healing process.

The power lights are comprised of LEDs (24 infrared and 25 red LEDs).  Red light works at a wavelength of 660 nanometers and infrared works at 880 nanometers.   These lights are used on bodily points where the scanner found a problem.

The frequency and time exposure can be programed for optimal effect. Typically, light therapy only requires 20-30 seconds on each problematic spot. Healing will be stimulated immediately but the improvements will continue for 48-72 hours.

A second scan often reveals the area has been healed.   Sometimes, however, new areas that require healing become clear. Usually the number of problem areas decreases greatly after every treatment.

Light therapy cannot burn the animal or cause any other problems.

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