What is Animal Communication?

blog 2 picAnimal communication uses telepathy to communicate a thought from one person/animal to another. Messages can be given in symbols (clairvoyance) which I can visually see or in ‘thought form’.   For me, it sounds like you pet is talking to right to me (clairaudience) in my mind. In other words, I actually hear a voice. In listening to your pet, I gain knowledge about their physical and mental health and learn their choices while battling an illness or struggling with behavior problems.

In animal the communication process I am simply the go between for you and your pet. You let me know your questions and I ask your pet to obtain the answers. The pet does not have to be present but I like a photograph of the pet, I connect to the essence by looking into their eyes. Almost 99% of my animal communications are performed at a distance whether it is across a room or across the world. Many times your pets have a request for their owners. Some of the requests I have heard are shown below (this is just a small sample):

  • Change the litter box more often, get a new litter box, change the location of the litter box, put another litter box in the house
  • Change their food, locate where they eat
  • Do not take them to that groomer, do not pull their hair when combing it
  • Complaints regarding other members of the family include other pets
  • Issues with cleaning products used in the house and on floor/carpets
  • Reassurance regarding a death or upcoming passing
  • Changes in their routine or household (placement of furniture, painting, young adults off to college, divorce)

Technically, telepathy is the communication between beings using thoughts, feelings, desires, or other means that cannot be understood in terms of known scientific laws. Telepathy is considered a form of extra-sensory perception and is often connected to various paranormal phenomena such as precognition, clairvoyance and empathy.

Why use Animal Communication
Interspecies telepathic communication is used to help our companion animals to have their voice. Through animal communications we can learn how animals think and look at the world. Once we understand how an animal thinks, agreements can be made on many different types of issues.

Stumbling Blocks
Animal communication must be performed with an open heart to let the information be received accurately. A hindrance in the communication process comes when you must learn to trust that you are receiving information from your animal companion and to recognize when you’ve placed your own spin on the information. Once a dog told me he wanted his bandana back, because he had lost it. He said it was cool. I thought he was telling me that he thought he looked cool in it and told his owner that he wanted a new one because he thought he looked cool. She laughed and said he wanted one because he was a search and rescue dog and it kept him cool because it was a COOLING bandana (the kind you soak in cold water or freeze). That’s what I call putting my own spin on it! As you can see, I ASSUMED he was trying to tell me he looked cool and he was actually telling me it kept him cool!

As you can see, animal communication has many purposes and many rewards. Why not try it today? What would you learn if you’d only listen?

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