A Private Goodbye Ritual

Rainbow bridge with animalsYou have lost one of the loves of your life.  Your beloved pet.  How do you deal with the pain, grief and go on living day to day.  It is not easy, but love rarely is.  Honor your pet, your love for them and their meaning in your life.  Maybe these tips below will help you in that task:

How to Prepare:


Take some time out from your busy schedule

Set aside a half hour or more

Find a quiet, comfortable place to sit.

Play a piece of music that opens your heart


While this time of loss is sad and painful, it helps to take a moment in silence to reflect on the memories of your beloved pet.


Take a moment – Sit in a place where you will be undisturbed for a while and make it a sacred moment.

Reflect – Consider what a privilege it has been to have shared your life with such a special soul.  Consider that each of our pets is assigned to us for a particular reason and for a specific length of time.

Recall the lessons and the love.  As you hold your pet’s memory in your heart, reflect upon how he/she came into your life and what you learned from them.

Know that you are richer.  Focus on this until you rise above the tears and you become aware of a wealth of experiences that made your life richer in so many ways.

Celebrate a life.  Take joy in these memories and let them lighten your heart.


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