How To Turn Your Love of Pets Into a Business

By Ryan Goodchild

According to recent research, 70% of U.S. households have at least one pet, and they spend over $126 billion a year on their care. If you’ve been thinking about launching a pet care business, you have picked the perfect time to start.

Choose Your Business 

There are many pet care business opportunities available to you. 

Dog Walking

If you love exercise and dogs, a dog walking role position is a good choice. Canine experts advise dogs need at least 30 minutes and up to two hours of exercise a day. You can help busy pet parents by providing this daily service for their pooches.

Dog Training

If you are great at teaching dogs how to behave or do a few tricks, consider becoming a dog trainer. This job teaches pet parents and their pups habits for a healthy lifestyle. It is best to get certified first so you are prepared to handle different breeds with the right communication style. The startup cost for this business is low as you can train at the pet’s home, a park or in your backyard.

Pet Sitting

Many pets love to stay in their home when their parents go away. Cats, in particular, prefer their surroundings over a boarding service. As a pet sitter, you stop in daily to provide food and water, exercise time, and lots of love and attention. Cats also need their litter box cleaned and daily brushing. It’s a great idea to snap a couple of photos and text them to the pet parent to show how well Fluffy or Fido is doing under your care. To get started, offer your services for free to a couple of households who promise to refer you to their friends and family.

Dog Groomer

Regular grooming is essential to keep a dog healthy, especially during hot weather. Many dog owners prefer to have a dog groomer take care of this instead of doing it themselves. Take a course or intern with a professional to learn the proper techniques. Once you have the tools, you can offer in-home services, open a salon or work out of your house.

Make a Plan

Make a business plan with details on how you’ll establish and maintain your company. Consider creating a “doing business as” name for your company so you can easily offer new services or sell products under a different name. A DBA is also helpful if the web domain name you wanted for your business isn’t available, as you can market it under another name.

Promote Your Company

Creating a Facebook page and website for your new business helps you market your services to potential clients. Include some testimonials from happy customers and lots of photos of your furry clients.

Advertise your dog walking business by printing up business cards and handing them out to people walking their dogs in your neighborhood or local park. Word of mouth referrals should help your business grow. For a dog training business, offer a free class or two at a local park or post your training videos online. Have business cards ready to give to any dog owners you encounter.

Now is a great time to turn your love of animals into a business. Consider one of these startup ideas to begin your new venture.

Rosanne (left) and Diane (right) at the Indie Author Showcase

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