Dog’s that Slip


There are many products that will help you pet not slip on your floors.  I can tell you my husky will not chase his toys into our kitchen because of the wood floor.  He’s a smart cookie because he understands he can hurt himself.  Here are some alternatives to make your pet more comfortable and self-assured in walking/running in your home:

Dog boots. You can purchase boots for your dog’s paws online or at your local pet store that both prevent skidding and provide stability for older dogs.

Soft paws. “Soft paws” – temporary rubber nail caps for your dog – are sold at They stop dogs from both scratching the floor and from slipping. They last 4-6 weeks, then fall off, at which point you trim their nails and put new ones on.

Paw maintenance. Be sure to keep your dog’s nails short and the fur on their paws trimmed which will help cut down on slipping.

Paw wax. There are a variety of paw waxes widely available at pet stores and online that you can apply to your pooch’s paws which can provide some traction.

Plastic runner or throw rug(s). Consider laying out a plastic or non-stick runner or throw rugs (with rubber backing!) in the rooms with slick flooring to keep him from slipping.



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