Cancer and Pets

Cancer and Pets


Cancer picks on everyone including our beloved pets. Here are some facts you should be aware of:

50% of all disease related deaths in older pets is attributed to cancer

Both humans and animals can benefit from new treatment options that are supposedly just for pets

The usual preventative care can also help your pets prevent cancer so ensure they are spayed/neutered, have protection from the sun, are not exposed to cigarette smoke and have good oral care.

Look for persistent abnormal swelling, loss of weight and appetite persistent lameness and any sore that won’t heal as symptoms of cancer and have your pet checked right away by a vet

Cancer is not necessarily a death sentence because some cancers can be cured with proper treatment.

Chemo, immunotherapy and radiation are all the types of treatments that can be used on both humans and animals alike.

Animals don’t experience a lot of the crappy side effects that people do from cancer treatments—lucky them!



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