Life is Better with Pets

Kitty readingWhat do you really want to do with your life?

What do you want to achieve?

I bet you never really sit down and give time to think about what you want in life!

Let me guess— You rush, rush, rush doing everything that you must do like grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, laundry, taking care of family needs and of course that pesky job of yours! But you never look inward to determine if you are happy and fulfilled in your life.

Please take a minute or two, maybe even 20 minutes:

to relax,

breathe deep,

close your eyes

forget about the demands of your life

think about what makes you smile,

makes you laugh

what puts a spring in your step

what gives you the feeling of utter joy and bliss….

Ok now that you’ve done that— is your happiness related to anything that is on your daily or even weekly list of what you put your energy towards? If not, rethink your priorities.  You are not getting any younger and it will never be easier to make a change for the better unless you make time for it.

I personally feel like I wasted most of my life at my 8-5pm job in corporate America. I was really good at it, in fact I excelled, but it didn’t really make me happy.  You know what makes me happy?  Animals!  Plain and simple.  I can look at any animal, watch for just a few seconds and they will make me smile and I feel that smile inside me!  You know the smile I mean—the one you rarely get to enjoy but tickles you to your toes.  Yep, that’s what animals do for me.  It’s where I belong and who I really am deep down inside.

So, who are you?Rainbow Bridge Pic 1

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