Alfalfa is just not for Horses!

horse an dog

As you may already know, I am certified in canine nutrition. What you don’t know is that alfalfa is great for dogs. I know..right—who’d of guessed that! I was just as shocked as you all are because I thought it was only for my horse! Here is how it can help:

Benefits of Alfalfa for Dogs

  • Rich in Nutrients 9A, B12, C, D, E, and K)
  • Arthritis Relief
  • Antioxidant
  • Cancer Prevention
  • Kidney Health

With all these good benefits listed above be aware that you do need to be careful with some dogs. For example, listed below are some precautions you should use when feeding alfalfa to your dog:

  • it is NOT for anemic dogs
  • it could lead to an upset stomach, especially when fed fresh
  • seeds shouldn’t be fed to dogs
  • Due to allergies, it should be fed in its “pre bloom” phase

Because of these warnings, it’s been recommended to me that you only give your dog alfalfa powder – not the stuff I feed to my horse (in this case fresh is not always best – besides where would you get fresh alfalfa ifyou don’t know a farmer?) I can tell you that Montana (my palomino) is probably very happy that no dog is going to touch his alfalfa! (Montana is food aggressive at times).

So you are wondering where you can actually buy alfalfa powder—where else – AMAZON!

I would recommend the NOW brand, which is 100% pure alfalfa.

How much Alfalfa should you give to Your Dog?

Like most supplements I give- just sprinkle the ground alfalfa over your dog’s food.

A wonderful magazine that I live and breathe by, The Dogs Naturally, recommends a pinch per 10 pounds once a day, which means 1 teaspoon for a 50 pound dog.hungry-dog-5434576

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