Lighting has struck once again – Dog Reincarnated!


As in my book, “A Tail of Hope’s Faith”, another dog, who was my client, has blessed us with the miracle of his return through reincarnation to be reunited with her previous owner.   So how does this work you may ask? I will tell you the story of how it happened with Colt and Kim.

Colt was a wonderful German Shepard dog who was my client for several years before passing on into spirit. When Colt passed away I continued to talk with him as requested by his owner, Kim. Colt provided many reassurances that he would indeed come back to her when he and she were both ready. As with all wishful thinking…we had even discussed what type of dog he would return as. He had strong feelings about returning as a large dog since he had leg and hip issues. He originally mentioned to me he was thinking about returning as a smaller dog such as a beagle. I said “BEAGLE!!??” I just couldn’t picture big, strong Colt as a beagle. He told me he didn’t want to be small in stature because he needed to be big enough to protect Kim. He thought since I didn’t really like the beagle idea, he’d think about a lab or lab-mix. I told him whatever he preferred—I had just been teasing him about the beagle. (Don’t get me wrong I love beagles – my husband’s family had one and he was a darling).

As you can imagine, time went by, two years in fact, and Kim had many changes in her life. She was first separated, moved in with her mom for a while and then was finally divorced. All during this time, Kim asked Colt if he would be returning to her and he always responded to me that when she was completely ready – he wanted her settled down again and be in a house. In fact, he specified what the house should be like and especially detailed how he wanted his “new” back yard to look.

Finally, out of the blue, Colt contacted me and told me that Kim was looking for a house and that he saw the one that he wanted. He explained it had a big back yard and that’s the one he wanted. I called Kim to verify that she was indeed house shopping and guess what? She had just looked at houses and when I explained what Colt told me– she knew exactly which house he wanted – she wanted that one too! She had picked a specific house just for him but she didn’t know he had been WATCHING!

Once we were all on the same page with the house, I told Colt that we had to start the arrangements up in heaven to come back. That was his job to do. On the flip side, Kim had some requests as to the timing or his return because of job and vacation plans so we all discussed it. Then all was quiet for a while.

One night, in the middle of the night, I was awoken by a dream or so I thought but what I saw was a picture of Colt right in front of me as I knew him before he died. I said “Hi Colt”. He always made me smile. All of a sudden he disappeared and was replaced by a small yellow lab puppy. The pup was sitting in front of me with the cutest “grin” on his face. I thought, I don’t know you and the picture immediately flipped over to Colt again. Then the dog in front of me switched back to the puppy. I didn’t understand what was going on since I don’t have any yellow labs as clients at this time (actually I never had). Then I heard it…whenever I question something in my head I hear the answer from spirit. I am Colt. I am back. I sat straight up in bed, grinning like a fool and said “when and where?” right out loud! Good thing my husband is almost deaf and cannot hear anything without his hearing aids – he would of thought I was nuts!

I heard, today May 29th and saw a large letter “P”. I thought, oh, good maybe in Parma where I live. He told me he was a boy. I smiled and thanked all my guides, St. Francis and “Colt” and told him I would see him soon.

Once daylight had hit and it was a decent hour, I called Kim to give her the news. Needless to say, she flipped out! I would too, but here I was going through another reincarnation again just like in my book. I was ESTATIC to say the least. My happiness could not be contained—I couldn’t stop grinning like a fool.

Of course, Colt had planned it perfectly just as we had discussed in prior conversations. Kim would be leaving for vacation in the next few days, then she would be home for a week or two and I was scheduled to leave on my vacation. I didn’t start looking for Colt but started the “thinking” process of how this was going to pan out. I looked in the newspaper a bit but no one was advertising for a puppy   this young. I figured that breeders would wait until the pups were about 5-6 weeks old before starting to look for homes for them. I gave a bunch of instructions to Kim to keep her eyes open while I was gone on vacation and away I went.

Fast forward, we are all back from our wonderful vacations and I get an email from Kim stating she had no luck finding Colt while I was gone. No worries – I was back now and the hunt was on!

I talked to him and he was content, happy and healthy. That was good news. I settled back into my normal routine at home with the nagging in the back of my head telling me to start looking for Colt. All of a sudden one day the nagging was so distracting that I couldn’t think so I started skimming the papers for yellow labs. I called a couple of people but the birth dates were not matching. One lady was very nice and accommodating. She really wanted me to get one of her dog’s and even told me that she was going to name the puppies after guns, like COLT! This was really weird since I never said I was looking for a dog named Colt. She just offered that info and it struck me that this lady was somehow going to be influential in my search. I just didn’t realize how as of yet.  This same lady was extremely helpful and told me that I should go to the AKC website since they show all the birthdays of the dogs, I broke down and told her I was specifically looking for a dog with the birthdate of May 29th because he was a reincarnated dog. She didn’t laugh or anything—I really appreciated that!

I got busy that day and had a million and one jobs to do but I kept hearing “go to the PC, go to the PC”. I finally broke down after I completed some of my work and said “ALL RIGHT!” I went up to my office and sat down at my computer. Hours later, I was extremely frustrated because I was not finding what I was looking for. All I knew was that he was a yellow lab born on May 29th and “P” had something to do with it. I was just about the give up for the day and thought this is a waste of time. I heard “keep going just a few more”. I sighed and kept going a few more pages then all of a sudden my heart started pounding and I couldn’t breathe. It was like I was hyperventilating or something! I pushed the key to advance to the next page of dogs and my eyes hit the date May 29th. I looked at the dog’s picture and heard “Hi ya— here I am”. I then gasped when my eyes rested on his name. It was PHOENIX! My brain just registered the “P” in his name, I whispered Phoenix with a big grin on my face to myself. I heard the voice of my spirit guides in my head say “and out of the ashes he rises”. At that, the tears started pouring down my face. I was laughing, grinning like a fool and crying like a baby all at the same time. Kim was never going to believe this – we did it! We found Colt, aka Phoenix.

I immediately called Kim, still crying and I think she thought I was dying or something. I never cry to my clients. Once I was able to get the information out of my mouth she was beside herself with happiness. I sent her a picture of him for her to confirm my find. I knew, as his mom, that she would recognize his soul and that would be the final confirmation I would need. Needless to say, he was our Colt returned as Phoenix.

Now the fun part began…how to get him to her? We contacted the breeder, found out he was in Illinois and made all the necessary arrangement to bring him home. She had already bought everything she needed to be a new puppy mom weeks earlier so she was all set for Phoenix to arrive.

As a new proud parent , Kim shared lots of pictures of him with me but to my utter joy she surprised me at a book signing I was doing at the shelter where I volunteer –she brought Phoenix to meet me. I can honestly say I didn’t want to give him back but I knew my husky, Neko would not be happy! Welcome back Colt – glad to have you, Phoenix!

Now, I have one question left for the universe… WHERE IS MY CAT, MILO?????? When do I get him back???? You see, I am just like any other pet parent who misses their beloved furry family member …I want mine back too! Phoenix

As a follow up – please watch for my October Newsletter with the topic of Pet Reincarnation.

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