A Tail of Hope’s Faith – Writing the Story

9781452599922_COVER.inddAs an animal communicator and healer I have had many miraculous experiences. I firmly believe pet owners would benefit from hearing and learning about how to deal with the joy, love and ultimate loss of a beloved animal friend.

The knowledge that I have gained from talking to our animal companions astounds me. More importantly, through my thirteen years as an animal communicator and my ten plus years as an energy healer, I know that I have important information to provide to those that have an animal friend. This information should be especially welcome if they have had the heart-wrenching loss of a beloved pet or are currently going through one of the worst times in their life – trying to help a pet that has been diagnosed as terminal.

My spirit guides always told me I had a book inside me but I was not to write it just yet. As frustrated as I felt, I kept asking when I would write it, not knowing what I would write about. At the beginning of 2013, out of the clear blue, I was told through my psychic mentor that I was to write my book. The problem was, I still didn’t know what I should write about. I had so many experiences and so much to say, I wasn’t sure what to focus on. Not to worry–spirit provided again. I received a clear message that the name of the book was to be A Tail of Hope’s Faith.   Yep, they even showed me how TAIL was to be written. In the title was my answer. I was to write Hope’s story. I had just come full circle in an amazing true story of one dog’s battle against the inevitable and her triumph through re-incarnation to return to those she loved.

Let me say from the start that I believe very deeply in animal hospice. I believe our animals should be consulted on their “life wishes.” They should have a voice in how and when they will transition into spirit. Based on this belief, I have talked to and assisted many of my pet clients and their owners through the hardest decisions of their lives.

This book is a true story of dedication, love and perseverance on the part of a dog named Hope, her family and an animal communicator. Through animal communication, specific holistic healing along with the diligent assistance of her family, we were able to extend Hope’s last days. Hope was able to express her thoughts and feelings while we provided healing and guidance in a very difficult situation. Together, we gave Hope a good quality of life.

Hope had a rough beginning to her life but she didn’t have a rough end. The love she received from her human family and their dedication to helping her was a true testament to their belief that she deserved a chance just as much as a human being. She was a valuable family member who warranted all the care, love, support and healing they would provide because she was one of them.

I am humbled and proud to have been part of her journey and my life is richer for having known her. Thank you, Hope; you have provided me, your family, and everyone who knows your story, with the essence of your name–Hope.

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